Monday, September 30, 2013

Apple Picking and Memory Making

We kicked off the summer by picking strawberries and wrapped it up this weekend by picking apples (and a few raspberries). It was a glorious sunny day, almost too hot to feel right in an apple orchard.

Apple Picking - Flotsam of the Mind

I plan to remember these moments--the times when all four of us spend time together, enjoy the sunshine, and sip hot apple cider despite the 75-degree day because it's part the experience. Parenthood is about creating traditions and making memories like these. I hope that my now-vivid memories of 7 a.m. fighting and crying and general mayhem will fade and leave mostly picturesque moments like this orchard.

Apple Orchard - Flotsam of the Mind

The pleasant high of a day well-spent lasted all through the next day. The kids acted like the best of friends, and their kindness toward one another was worth more than the price of apples.

Sweet Berry Farm - Flotsam of the Mind

It took my we-will-have-fun-if-it-kills-us attitude to force everyone out of their inertia and to the farm, but it didn't ruin the day. The sunny sky, fresh air, and open fields not only justified my less-than-gentle prodding but pushed it out of everyone's minds.

Pick Your Own Raspberries - Flotsam of the Mind

If only the reward of this day were at the end of every admonishment to put on your shoes, use the bathroom, and grab a book for the car....

Apple Picking - Flotsam of the Mind

What did your family do to make memories this weekend? Anyone else making and following traditions?

We spent our lovely afternoon at Sweet Berry Farm.


  1. Susie: Great pics. I don't know if you remember going to Steuks to watch them make apple cider. Where Steuks was is an empty field now except the apple crushing cider building is still there.

  2. I love this time of the year when the apple orchards are bursting with their bounties!