Monday, September 23, 2013

Giant Jars of Cake

Jars of Cake - Flotsam of the Mind

You read that right--giant jars of cake. What's not to love?

I hosted a rare grown-up party this weekend, and I wanted to spend my party prep doing only things I enjoy. This meant I opted to make all the desserts--three kinds of cake (and pizzelles too). We had seen the jar o' cake idea at a corporate event we attended, and both my husband and I thought it would be a fun dessert for a casual lawn party. I Googled and scoured Pinterest for suggestions but couldn't find anything on-topic, so I made it up myself.

Jars of Cake - Flotsam of the Mind

I bought these large glass jars on sale at Target. They were perfect--attractive and wide-mouthed, and they seal nicely to keep the contents fresh.

A week and a half before the party, I baked double recipes of each kind of cake--Lemon with Lemon Icing, Red Velvet with White Chocolate Amaretto Frosting, and Devil's Food with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. I baked all of them as cupcakes, let them cool, and placed containers upon containers of cupcakes in the freezer.

Jars of Cake - Flotsam of the Mind

The day before the party, I made the frostings, frosted the frozen cupcakes, and let them defrost. Then I smashed them. Every single one of them, frosting and all. It was messy, but I got to lick my hands when I was finished. I used a dry erase marker to label the contents of each jar.

At the party, I lined up all three jars with long-handled serving spoons and offered vanilla ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauces, and whipped cream as toppings. It was a hit.

Jars of Cake - Flotsam of the Mind

I liked being able to choose my own portion size, mixing and matching cakes, and eating out of a bowl rather than having to sink my teeth into a messy frosted cupcake. While I had a hard time deciding among the three flavors, I think my favorite was the devil's food--it was the least healthy, contained the most butter, and was incredibly moist and delicious. Hooray.

Smashing the cupcakes added an extra step to dessert prep, but it was a fun one. I loved that I didn't need to frost the cupcakes beautifully, since I would be smashing them to bits. Give it a try sometime. You know you want to smash six cakes in an afternoon. Just think how messy your hands will get....


  1. They look great and very unusual. Ideal for those of us who can never decide which dessert to choose :-)