Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leaf Prints

Leaf Prints - Flotsam of the Mind

While our boys were out together, I spent some quality time with my daughter. In her world, quality time equals craft time. It was a beautiful day, so we set up shop on the patio. We made some shaving cream marbled paper, then moved on to something seasonal--leaf prints.

Leaf Prints - Flotsam of the Mind

I loved this. I kept at it after my daughter had lost interest and moved on to other things. I found it strangely relaxing and, if I'm honest, I enjoyed being able to make something pretty without any actual artistic skills. This is an easy one.

Leaf Prints - Flotsam of the Mind

1. Pick some leaves. We used maple, oak, and japanese maple, then moved on to the bushes and added hydrangea and lilac leaves. You can pick leaves off the ground too. Just be sure they are not dried out or they will crumble when you use them.

2. Lightly paint the underside of the leaf. We used washable paints because I'm anal-retentive like that. We chose autumn colors, but use whatever floats your boat.

3. Press the paint side onto a piece of paper. Or canvas. Or, in our case, piece of scrap fabric curtain liner. Gently press each part of the leaf down so you get a near-complete print.

Leaf Prints - Flotsam of the Mind

Viola! Instant art able to be created by small children and paint-challenged parents.

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