Saturday, October 26, 2013


Photo Friday will be appearing on Saturday this week. The kids had off school for parent-teacher conferences on Friday. Between attending conferences and finalizing Halloween costumes, I didn't have any time to sit down alone in front of the computer. I hate when that happens.

Today's photo is a bit unusual.  I think it looks otherworldly, but I took this photo in the same spot I took the recent sunset photos. We missed the sunset by about ten minutes the night I took this, but the kids were enjoying being outdoors after dark so we hung out on the rocky beach for another 45 minutes. The kids searched for crabs and sea glass by flashlight, which left me time to tinker with my camera. This image was taken with a long exposure in the dark.

I set the camera on a rock and set the exposure for ten seconds. The long exposure is the reason there appears to be light, even though it was dark outside. The movement of the waves on the rocks during the long exposure accounts for the misty feel. I set the white balance for flash, which gave the image the warmer yellow hue. The only edit I did to the image was to straighten the horizon line, because my rock wasn't perfectly level.

My kids are growing tired of my toting my camera on all our adventures, but bringing it along allows me time to practice and experiment, learning what effects I can create. A lot of the results are junk, but every now and then I surprise myself with an interesting image. That's what happened here.

What's your opinion? Interesting or just weird?

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  1. Kinda spooky, but cool. I thought it was mist - that is a nice effect.