Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunsets and Silhouettes

With our crazy after school schedule, the kids and I needed some time together when I wasn't rushing them from one thing to the next. The long Columbus Day weekend came at a perfect time and provided us time together and time with friends. Family activities don't allow me much time to write (or think), but they still provide plenty of photography opportunities.

At this time of year, sunset falls at just the right time of day to combine family and photography. Inspired by a class assignment, I've been working on images of sunsets and silhouettes. We have a western view of the bay a few minutes walk from our house. A 6:15 pm sunset, with time to play in the dusky light after the sun has set, fits perfectly into our dinner-activity-bedtime schedule. The kids play and get to stay out after dark, and I experiment with my camera. Everyone is happy.

These images were shot on three different days, all in more or less the same spot. I did nothing to enhance the color on any of them.

Day 1

Narragansett Bay just after sunset

Day 2

Silhouette at Sunset on Narragansett Bay - Flotsam of the Mind

Sunset on Narragansett Bay - Flotsam of the Mind

Purple Sunset on Narragansett Bay - Flotsam of the Mind

Day 3

Red Sunset on Narragansett Bay - Flotsam of the Mind

Silhouette of Laughter at Sunset - Flotsam of the Mind

Same spot, something different every time. And to think that this happens every single day. If only we had time to stop to witness and appreciate it every single time.


  1. Huh. Never woulda guessed that the East Coast could have such beautiful sunsets. I thought we Lefties had the monopoly on that bit of natural glory. Cool.