Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time Travel

Red Ranch - Flotsam of the Mind

3010 Merriweather Drive. 1979. That's where I'd go.

If I could travel anywhere in time, I'd head to this red three-bedroom ranch. While I'd love to see the Colossus of Rhodes, I think I would learn more from this red house.

In 1979, I was eight years old, right in between the ages my children are today. I had a pink bedroom with shag carpet and a basement full of board games in that red house.  I took piano lessons and did gymnastics. If it wasn't yet, my favorite TV show would soon be The Dukes of Hazzard, and I loved to roller skate with my friends.

There is no meaningful moment I'd like to visit. What I want to see is a day in the life of our family when I was my children's age. I would love to see how I spent my time, what books I read, and whether my aunts really let me win at Battleship. I want to witness the "bad" third-grade year Mom says I had and don't remember. I want to be reminded what life was like for me so I can better understand my kids.

I'm sure I was fascinating child, but the person I really want to watch is my mother. What did she do when I had a bad day at school? What did she say when I pitched a fit? Did she have any patience when I complained about what she served for dinner for the umpteenth night in a row?

I've internalized a lot of what my mother said and did without realizing it. I hear her words and intonation in many of the things I say to my own kids. But I don't truly remember it. I was too busy being a child to recognize what she was doing for me and why. I would like to see it first-hand for the second time from the mom's perspective. I suspect I could learn a thing or two.

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This post was a response to the writing prompt: "There's a DeLorean in your driveway and you can use it to travel through time. Where do you go and why?" Thanks to Lisa for the interesting prompt and the always appreciated Back to the Future reference. Head over to Lisa's blog, My So-Called Glamorous Life, to see how she and other bloggers responded to this prompt. 

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  1. That would be fun and interesting. If I could go back to any moment in time, I'd go back to the day I left London during my junior year abroad. Then I could have talked to my dad before he died. Not to be a downer, but that's what I'd do (although I'd hate reliving that time).