Friday, November 29, 2013


In between the parade-watching and the movie-watching that constitute our sedentary Thanksgiving, I forced the kids to take a post-meal constitutional with me. One went on foot, the other by scooter. We made the mistake of heading to our favorite neighborhood destination, the rocky beach near our house. The weather was cold, but the biting wind at the water was downright unpleasant.

It was a short constitutional, but the air was refreshing. We were out long enough for the kids to expend some energy, cutting down on the late afternoon living room wrestling and gymnastics. 

The late afternoon light--in the 3 o'clock hour at this time of year--was gorgeous, and capturing a few candid moments in that light was worth freezing my fingers and toes.

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  1. I attempted to comment and it appears my comment floated into the jetsam over here in the Pacific Ocean. Trying again: love the bundling up for the constitutional I see in your photo. Makes me smile very widely. It was probably about 70 degrees on our Thanksgiving Day -- I would have loved to bundle up. The idea of a constitutional as well is very wise. I remember doing that and somehow, it got lost in the shuffle of my day so I am going to attempt to recover it now.

    I am visiting from the Bloggy Moms Blog Hop (I'm #29). Glad to "meet" you today!