Friday, November 8, 2013


Although today's Photo Friday image may not be among my technical best, it makes me laugh. For that reason alone, it's a keeper.

On the first day of my lighting class, the instructor assigned us a scavenger hunt of photos in different lighting. We are to take one of each and show them on the last day of class. Some, like a portrait in the shade, are pretty straightforward and accessible. Some not so much.

A few of the assigned photos are not things one likely stumbles across. Because I have to create a scene, I decided to make it fun. For this one, I bribed my favorite models with frozen yogurt and an episode of Phineas & Ferb.

The assignment was to take a photo using the yellow glow of a streetlight as the light source. Luckily for us, there is one at the foot of our driveway.

My favorite touch is that both kids are clutching their favorite stuffed animals. It is one of those things that most people won't even notice but that provides meaning and humor to the image as both the mom and photographer. The fact that my son is partially obscured by the sign was unintentional, but I think it makes this staged scene look more realistic.

I'd better make sure that sign gets into the recycling bin, lest they use it for real.


  1. Love that picture! Especially the expression on your daughter's face.

  2. Not sure what I like more -- your photo skills or your kids' willingness to serve as your guinea pigs. Y'all are awesome

  3. You rock. And your kids rock even harder (sorry, but it's gotta be said). Go, team!