Friday, December 27, 2013

Breakfast Scrabble

I don't know about you, but I've lost all track of what day it is. My daughter was home sick the entire last week of school before winter break, I've been sick, we've hosted my parents and in-laws and celebrated a wonderful Christmas. It could be a Saturday or a Tuesday. It's all a blur.

The calendar tells me that the days have progressed in their usual fashion, and it is in fact Friday. That means it's Photo Friday here on Flotsam of the Mind.

I suspect I like this photo less for the quality of the photography than for how much I enjoyed the moment and the people in it.

My parents brought our 1970s Monopoly and Scrabble games. When I awoke Sunday morning, this was the scene in my kitchen--my parents and my daughter playing Scrabble at the kitchen table, making the little one add up the points to practice her math.

Playing Scrabble with the Grandparents - Flotsam of the Mind

Moments like this are what the holidays are all about. We were blessed with many of them in the span of only a few days. We are truly fortunate, and I'm grateful that photography allows me to keep these memories fresh forever.

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  1. Susie: great pic. I wonder how many other of your childhood games will make there way to your kids.