Friday, January 17, 2014

Beach Boy

I'm supposed to be packing right now. We are heading to the mountains for another ski weekend. I'm grateful that we have the opportunity, and the snow makes my family very happy, but I'm more of a beach girl. While I'm assembling snow pants and insulated gloves, I'm already looking ahead to our planned beach trip at the end of March.

For the last few years, the kids and I have rented a house in Florida with my parents. It's a great opportunity to spend time together, and it doesn't hurt that my mom cooks for us (now that's a vacation). 

Last year, the weather was rainy, but that didn't keep us inside. Hand my son a net and a body of water, and he'll be occupied for hours. I followed him around, idly searching for sand dollars and trying new photography apps on my iPhone.

Even when I'm in the mountains, I'm dreaming of the beach.

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