Friday, January 10, 2014

Imperfection in LEGO

Two weeks into my first Project 52 (one photo per week), the project already is serving its purpose. I don't think I've picked up my camera during these two weeks other than to capture an image inspired by the My Four Hens Photography P52 prompt.

This week's prompt was "Imperfection." I toyed with a number of ways I could capture my own imperfections but was inspired to illustrate it in an entirely different way--with LEGO.

My son has been obsessed with LEGO for the past five years. Other than reading, building is his one all-consuming hobby. He enjoys creating complex machines; I've always preferred the minifigures or, to the uninitiated, the little LEGO people.

When you go to a LEGO store, you can buy dismembered minifigs, which I find both fascinating and creepy. Staring into a giant bin of yellow smiling heads made me uncomfortable. It stuck with me and inspired my Imperfection image.

imperfection 2/52

I don't have a problem with imperfection--my own or anyone else's. Perfection, like normalcy, is boring and overrated. Which little face in the photo do you like best? The many identical smiling ones, or the one that's just a little off?

As someone who is just a little off herself--spending time while her kids are at school setting up and photographing minifigure heads--I prefer the guy who is delightfully imperfect.

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For more Imperfection images, head to the M4H P52 Flickr group. My personal Flickr page is here.

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