Friday, January 31, 2014

The Dark Side of (the Card Game) War

We need to go to Vegas, because I'm pretty sure my little one counts cards. I first noticed her skills during a game of Deer in the Headlights, a card and dice game, when she told me, "You don't have any eights left," as I looked in my hand to discover she was correct.

This is the same child who boldly reminded herself to "have no mercy" on me during last week's heated Spot It game, and who asserted that there was no need for me to shuffle before our game of War because she'd already shuffled and dealt the cards. I don't know if she has the advanced skills to stack the deck, but I didn't shuffle and had very few cards left after the first round of War. You need to watch this one.

Shuffling Cards - Flotsam of the Mind

This week's Project 52 prompt was Noise. I imagined photographing kids with recorders, kids with a karaoke machine, or kids screaming bloody murder at each other. Weirdly, none of those things came to pass, and I didn't want to stage a photo this week. I was looking for real life.

So I went a different way with the prompt. In digital photography, "noise" is distortion similar to the grain of a film photograph. It often happens in low light or when using a high ISO. Noise can ruin a photo, but you also can use it for effect.

That's what I tried to do with this week's photo. I thought I'd use a little noise to demonstrate the dark, edgy side of my card-counting, deck-stacking daughter and her casino deck of cards. I snapped this one as she trounced me in last night's game of War. As she suspiciously pronounced, "I'm really lucky at games that are just luck." Lucky, indeed.

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