Friday, January 3, 2014

The Pajama Bond Girl Problem

I'm not one for resolutions. To my knowledge, I've never made one. Goals, however, are a different story.

My goals for 2014 are creative. I want to continue to develop and improve upon the two creative endeavors that have brought me such pleasure the past two years--writing this blog and photography.

I am not enrolled in a photography course this session, but I need an impetus to practice and improve. I enjoy lurking in some of the online photography communities, and I decided to make the leap and participate in one.

I'll be joining the My Four Hens Project 52--one quality personal photo each week. My Four Hens Photography will propose a theme, but I'm not obligated to follow it (although I hope to). If I miss a week or more, no one will yell at me (or so I've been promised). Other than my own pressure to perform, there is no pressure.

The first theme of the 2014 Project 52 is Reflective. This was my submission: looking at my own reflection, reflecting that I really need a new wardrobe in 2014.

Reflective: New Clothes - Flotsam of the Mind

If you know me and my (ahem) "style," you likely will appreciate this. The ripped jeans I'm wearing are the best I own. My favorite outlet mall thermal shirt has a hole in it. The hoodie and the men's flannel shirts are mine. There is work to be done.

My photography may be improving but my style is not. I think I stumbled on the problem when talking with a friend today. Trying to explain the horrible outfit I almost wore to New Year's Eve dinner at her home, I described my goal as wanting to "feel like I was in pajamas but look good." She dubbed it the Pajama Bond Girl problem. Designers, please get on that.

If you'd like to see how other photographers interpreted the Reflective prompt or if you'd like to join the project, head over to the My Four Hens Project 52 group Flickr page.


  1. I'm coveting those flannels. ;)

  2. Now that I am back in "the real world" with reliable internet (at least for a while), my goal for 2014 (notice how I didn't make a "resolution") is to read "Flotsam of the Mind" more regularly. This was a good start. I empathize with you -- I'm still wearing 25 year old clothes and my closet looks as if it hasn't been cleaned out in the same amount of time … because it hasn't. It's time for an overhaul and update. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks, Rick! I have seen the photos you post, and I highly doubt that your closet looks as you describe. Of course, I do mostly see you at work in costume, so who knows? Welcome back to the real world. I'll miss seeing your travel posts for a while.