Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hoping It's Hip to Be Square

At what point do you become so uncool that you can claim you were doing it ironically?

We are at the beach this week. Being the tourist that I am, I tried to remain outside in the sun as long as I could. I really did try to apply sunscreen, but I have the telltale sporadic red splotches to prove I failed.

Around 3 p.m., I decided to head back out to the beach for a walk. I knew I'd had enough sun for the day and looked for a T-shirt to cover my chest and shoulders. It seems I packed only V-necks and tank tops. Dad saved the day by handing me the free T-shirt provided by the vacation rental company. Nothing says local like wearing a billboard for a Florida beach rental company on the Florida beach. It was that, stay indoors, or risk vacation-ruining sunburn, so I happily donned the free T-shirt. Because it hung below my swim shorts, I even added a bit of flair by cinching it at my waist..

My footwear--two baby blue band-aids--complemented the advertisement I wore on my back. As if the giant red splotch on the side of my neck didn't already announce to the world that I was a northerner on my first day of a winter beach vacation, my flip-flops had rubbed the tops of both feet raw. I ditched the shoes but kept the band-aids.

As soon as I reached the water's edge, the wind took my sun hat. Grudgingly, I cinched the chin strap I never use. I looked like a doofus, but my hat stayed on and my face remained sun-free.

I assessed my ensemble and realized that there may have been a reason my children didn't want to join me on my beach walk. Sunburn, kiddie band-aids, oversized cheesy T-shirt, and hat cinched under my chin. Everything about me was uncool. Everything about me said Just Arrived Tourist.

I'd like to say I was being ironic, but I'm forty-something, not twenty-something. And I am a gleeful northerner granted a reprieve from a long, cold, gray winter. All those things that made me look so stupid arose from the fact that I was so happy--happy to shed the wool socks for flip-flops, happy to feel the sun on my skin, happy to have gotten sunburned while building a sand volcano with my son.

I may not be hip, but I'm happy.

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  1. Susie: 3 weeks and I'm on my way. 20 degrees here today and a noreaster is headed up the coast towards R.I. Enjoy the reprieve from a long cold winter.The calandar says spring but it feels like January here.