Friday, March 7, 2014

Recycled and Stuffed

It's parent-teacher conference day. We banged ours out between 8 and 9 a.m., then the kids joined me for a workout. Only six hours to fill before we've been invited to a friend's house for dinner.

It's warmish for this New England winter--40 degrees. One kid seems happy to scooter around the driveway, but I doubt that will last long. I proposed a nature walk, but no one thought it was warm enough for that. I'm the naysayer because a sore knee made me decline both ice skating and roller skating. What an un-fun mom.

I'm hoping that they will discover a creative project of their own making, leaving me only advisory and clean-up reminder responsibilities. One of my favorites of their self-created and -directed ideas was to make stuffed animals out of my daughter's rather ratty tights she'd outgrown. It never would have occurred to me, and no Pinterest was involved in the creation.

10/52 - Soft

I rediscovered this little guy yesterday, when I was looking for something to photograph for this week's Project 52 challenge. The prompt was Soft. I definitely feel the stuffed pink snowflake tights guy qualifies, and I love his (her?) button eyes.

What projects do you have in store for this weekend? I'm hoping to clear out the basement, but I don't sense that's anyone else's idea of a good time.


  1. Susie: I like your new pic for blog. It would be a better pic with a smile. You look serios.

  2. Susie: Great pic with the smile!!!!!!!!!!