Friday, March 14, 2014

Snapping Mama Peeking Dragon

We're at T-minus 2 hours until spring break. (I initially capitalized it--Spring Break--but the capitals brought to mind Daytona Beach, so they shall remain lowercase.) My children will not step foot in school until April. Yes, you read that right. April.

Although I usually bitch and moan about all their days off school, I'm feeling pretty good about this break. I can tell that at least one of my kids is ready for a break from school, and it will be fun to do some family things. We have some travel planned--some cold, some warm--that will keep us occupied and out of the house.

The blog likely will be quiet over the next few days because I doubt I will have computer access. As much as I like to converse with you, I don't think I desire it enough to type an entire blog post on my iPhone. I will, of course, compensate by over-posting to Facebook.

In the spirit of vacation week, I'm going for whimsy in today's Photo Friday image.

Peeking Dragon - Flotsam of the Mind

Well, hello there, Dragon. 

When I searched our house for something for the secondary colors photography challenge, I found this hilariously fat dragon in my son's closet. I posed her (the kids say it's definitely a "her" because she obviously is pregnant) around the house, looking for good natural light. The dragon struck a few dramatic poses, but I prefer this one of her peeking into the master bathroom. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I hope you all have a good weekend and, if you're like us, some excellent family vacation time. Be sure to follow along on the Facebook page and Instagram (flotsamofthemind) to get your Flotsam of the Mind fix while the blog is quiet.

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