Friday, April 18, 2014

Just Keep Shooting

My friend was kind enough to supply her children for my photography fix. They are excellent subjects; they are cute and live right down the street, but they also challenge me.

Her son is five and in constant motion. He is going to be the reason I learn to master a rapid shutter speed.

Running - Flotsam of the Mind

Her daughter is one. Every time I've seen her in the past few months, the littlest one has been less than well. Cutting teeth and catching every bug your brother brings home from school are tough on a little person, so catching her as she fluctuates between smiles and cries keeps a photographer on her toes.

Whenever I shoot, my goal is to get the perfect shot in-camera. I am not a fan of fancy editing tricks; editing should be to enhance, not to fix. Sometimes that works. When your tiny subject stands in front of the window and looks at you with her big, brown eyes, it works.

Big Brown Eyes - Flotsam of the Mind

Sometimes I have to improvise. Even when she started to get sleepy, I kept shooting. Moments like this are when I appreciate the power of editing to find a shot that I might otherwise have missed.

Sleepy - Flotsam of the Mind

When I took this shot, my subject's heart was in it but her body just wasn't. She collapsed on her mom's lap on the floor, but kept muttering, "cheese." Well, if she was still in it, so was I, so I kept shooting. I'm glad I did. This photo makes me want to reach out and touch her soft baby cheek.

But this is how the image looked straight-out-of-camera (SOOC):

SOOC - Flotsam of the Mind

As much as I want to limit my edits, editing gives me the power to create images I might otherwise have missed. It's another aspect of seeing the shot and capturing the moment. My goal is to do as little editing as possible, but editing is a powerful storytelling tool and one I must remember to use.

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