Friday, April 11, 2014

Project 52: White

I haven't spoken much recently about the Project 52 I'm doing, but I've completed each week on time thus far. The last three weeks were all iPhone photos, taken on the beach or at lacrosse practice. I prefer spontaneous images to posed ones, and the iPhone is usually what I have in hand.

I went the opposite way this week. The prompt was White, and I was stymied. I envisioned beautiful golden hour images of my daughter in her white hooded cape, but she wasn't having it. Nothing white is blooming in the yard yet, so I wandered my house looking for white things. Seriously. I really do need a job.

Finding nothing inspiring, I gave up and took my shower. As I hung my towels on the hook next to the shower, I noticed that my twisty hair towel (if you have long hair and don't have one, get one) is white. So is my bathrobe. So are the sheets on my bed. And so began another date with my tripod and remote.

15/52 White

I envisioned this in black and white from the start and put on make-up so that my face wouldn't blend with all the rest of the white in the image. Going against my natural inclination to soften my skin a bit, I actually increased the clarity to get the crisp image I had in mind.

I'm no longer self-conscious in front of the camera, but I'm beginning to be self-conscious about how many times I take my own self-portrait. No one wants to be a narcissist. Trust me--given the option, I would always rather pose someone else so that I can work behind the camera to get the shot I want. Unfortunately, I don't have many willing models milling about my house, so I'm what I get.

This is week 15 of 52: White. And I didn't even need to do my hair.