Thursday, August 7, 2014

Putting Myself Out There

After a lifetime without a creative outlet, I must have been bursting at the seams in January 2012. I had never thought of myself as creative. I didn't think I had any talent, and I'd never tried anything. Until then, I didn't think I was missing anything.

I was wrong.

That month, I started this blog and enrolled in my first photography class. I was very hesitant in both pursuits. I knew I was new and not great. I didn't want to be the worst, most clueless, least artful student in my class. I wondered if anyone would ever read my words here. I shared my anxiety about photography class in several posts with the few of you who were reading back then, and I even nervously shared my first few assignments.

Those of you who have been with me at Flotsam of the Mind since day one also have joined me on my photography ride. I know that you've seen my photos improve. I hope you have seen my confidence grow as well.

Photography has gone from an interest to a hobby to a passion. If I go a few days without photographing something, I get twitchy. I participate in several photography forums and groups, where I can pick up tips just by listening to the conversation. I plan to continue to take classes. Every photograph is a chance to try something new; every edit is an opportunity to learn a new function.

Nearly a year ago, I had my first very brave moment since that Intro class when I took some family portraits for a friend. As I'm wont to do, I shared that with you here in a post called "Photographer, Maybe." I questioned whether I could be considered a photographer and speculated if I wanted to be one.

The answer to the latter question is "yes." I'm hooked. In my most recent moment of bravery, I've put my face next to the word "Photographer" on a Facebook page devoted solely to my photography.

You will now see my work under the name Sea Green Photography. Even after the seeds of the idea had been planted, I procrastinated ages until I stumbled upon a name that felt right to me. My maiden name is Greene, so Sea Green (C. Greene) is me.

If you have an interest in photography, an interest in me, or just like to look at pretty pictures sometimes, I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey by liking my Sea Green Photography page on Facebook and responding to what you see there. Like this blog, I don't want it to be a one-way street where I push content at you. I want to hear your reaction and have a conversation.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me, let me take photos of you or your family, or just refrained from mocking or criticizing me when I may have deserved it. This has been a great thing for me, and I can't wait to learn and share more.

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