Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Passion or Addiction?

When I forced myself to go to bed at midnight last night, I felt like a kid who'd been put to bed immediately after opening Christmas presents. I was too amped up to sleep and dreamed all night about what I'd been doing before bed.

I read somewhere that dreaming of a favored activity might be a sign of addiction. There's some chance it's an addiction, but I prefer the term passion. I was editing photos last night.

I spent yesterday afternoon reading articles and watching videos. With no opportunity to take a photography class in the immediate future, my education is up to me. That's not so hard, thanks to the Internet. I set some goals, found concepts I wanted to learn more about, and did my research.

When my son went to swim practice, I told my daughter we'd be exploring (and confessed that I wanted to scope out our destination as a possible photo shoot location). We have a system in these situations: I don't make her pose, look at the camera, or smile, and she somewhat willingly stands where I tell her to stand. She's a pretty game guinea pig, I can practice, and we spend time together.

I took a huge number of photos. I was experimenting, so I did all kinds of things I wouldn't try on anyone but my kids. No one but a paid professional would have stood in front of my camera that long.

Most of the results were garbage. But a handful were magic.

It's the magic that keeps me up late at night.

As much as I love the results, it's the accomplishment that gives me a high.

I love photography. I want to be great at it, and I have so much to learn. Time spent trying something new is never wasted, even when I dislike the results. Merely tinkering is educational, and seeing tangible improvement from a few self-directed and self-taught hours is tremendously satisfying.

Every image and every edit is a revelation. Some are amazing, some are not. But all of it's exciting to this old dog who's eager to learn new tricks. The more time I devote to this passion, the more I learn and the better I become.

Going to bed at night means giving up that opportunity until sometime the next day. It's hard to stop. If that makes it an addiction, then I'm a happy photography addict.


  1. Gorgeous photos. You are so talented. :)

    1. To think I said the same thing about you today. :) Thank you.

  2. Whatever it is, you are good at it. Keep going!