Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Photography: Looking for Beauty

Just over three years ago, I started this blog as a way to improve my writing. It also quickly became a place to share my ever-growing interest in photography.

I'm bringing those experiences together again today by starting a blog on the Sea Green Photography website. If you like what I have to say here, please follow along there as well. Add me to your blog feed, or select "Subscribe by e-mail" at the bottom of the Sea Green Photography posts.

Flotsam of the Mind isn't going anywhere. It will still be a place to sort my thoughts, share with this community, and tackle the occasional parenting hurdle. The Sea Green Photography blog will feature the same attitude and writing style, but with a focus on photography, both personal and professional.

Here's my first post. Select "read more" at the bottom to head over to the full post.

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I have always admired those who create beautiful things. Books, art, and music bring me joy, and I’m grateful to those who make them.
For most of my life, I admired artists with a twinge of envy. I couldn't create beauty from paper and pencil, canvas and paint, or (despite many years of childhood piano lessons) a musical instrument, and I craved that power. I knew that, with practice, I could become better at these crafts, but deep down I knew I didn't have the gift to create something that I would enjoy consuming.
Then I discovered photography, and it made me view the world differently. 

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